May 20, 2015

Bill Gates and the Teacher Unions

I came across an excellent article that perfectly describes Bill Gates' role in Common Core, explained through his relationship with the teacher unions. The main point of the article is the dishonesty of one of the unions, but it's well referenced and does a great job helping the reader to understand just how large Gates' single-handed role is in the education of our country's children. Here's a snippet: March 2014, Bill Gates gave a keynote at [the] National Board Teaching and Learning conference.

His speech focused on one of his pet investment priorities: the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Gates wants CCSS. He gives millions (billions?) to organizations to implement CCSS.
Gates wants it-- he buys it.

That's not so complicated. But it certainly does afford Gates some power-wielding influence. Indeed, the day before Gates' speech to the National Board, he dined with 80 senators.
Think about that.

Billionaire Gates has the ear of scores of influential individuals. It's a great exchange: You give us money; we give you an audience. Another example: in summer 2008, Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) President Gene Wilhoit asked Gates to fund CCSS. In November 2010, Gates offered a CCSSO keynote on CCSS. Gates was listed as a CCSSO "co-chair and trustee."

By way of his wallet, Gates is allowed time and again to voice his ideas on test-score-driven, market-friendly education "reform."

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