March 23, 2014

So Who Exactly, Is Sal Khan?

Sal Khan is a curriculum writer. You can watch his youtube videos on his website for free. When we were homeschooling our family used his site extensively; free pieces of curriculum for math. Awesome!

Except now Sal Khan has been bought by Bill Gates. So he is no longer the one writing the curriculum...

In 2010 Sal Khan earned $70,833 as Khan Academy's CEO.
And only one year later, he was grossing $348,879.

From 2010 to 2011 Khan Academy's revenue went from 1.8 million dollars to 11.7 million dollars. Where exactly, did all that money come from? And why the sudden interest in Khan Academy?

Interestingly, the time between the two was the year Khan Academy received 1.4 million dollars from Bill Gates.

Frustratingly, it is impossible to find financials on Khan Academy for 2012 and 2013 online for free; I'm sure they are fascinating reads.

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